Assistenza Online

To find out where your order is located or in what status of fulfillment you need to log into your account on EspositoYoung, enter the "Your Orders" section by clicking HERE and find out if your order has already been processed and shipped. Regarding the status of your order, you can find one of the following information:

NEW: We just received your order. If you paid by PayPal or Credit Card, make sure it was successful and listed as "executed."

IN WORK:We are preparing your order and are about to ship it.

PRODUCT:Your order is ready to be delivered to the courier, from this moment it is NO longer possible to change or cancel your order.

SENT: We have delivered your order to the courier and will soon be delivered to the address you have indicated to us. You can click "Track" to find out where your order is. You will receive an email with the Tracking Code that will allow you to follow your shipment. The email that will arrive contains all the information related to the delivery: you will know when your order will be delivered to the address you indicated during the purchase. You will also receive a text message on the day that your order will be delivered if you have chosen as your payment method the "Cash on Delivery".

CHIUSO: The order has arrived and, from this moment, you can decide to request the return by clicking on "Request Return" and following the directions (for more information on how to make a return click HERE).

FREE: You find this status if the payment failed,you requested thecancellation of your order,or you have placed separate orders but with the same shipping address that are shipped in a single solution. In the latter case you will find a valid order that also contains the items in the canceled order.